Welcome to Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes

Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes is a smoothie company with a twist. All our smoothies are made using pedal power on our fantastic smoothie bikes. Our main message is to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, through being active and eating well. Our smoothie bikes offer a great way to promote this message and along with energetic and passionate staff our service has proved a big hit at Wellness days throughout the country.

Blendavenda smoothie bikes also attends a wide range of events including community days, festivals, conferences, sports events, brand activations and childrens parties. At Blendavenda smoothie bikes we aim to produce great smoothies every time. We achieve this using our single portion Blendavenda smoothie packs. These come in a range of flavours and make providing the perfect event package simple and effective.

Our Smoothie bikes

Our smoothie bikes are designed using the latest Omiblend commercial blending jugs for great results. Experience has shown us that whether you pedal fast or slow after 500m cycling your smoothie is perfectly blended and our cycle computers will measure and time this distance. The adjustable seat and light resistance means children and adults alike can easily and effectively use the equipment. We maintain our equipment to a high standard so at your event you can be sure of getting the best smoothie bikes on the market.

Our smoothie packs

Our Smoothies are packsare produced to our exact requirements; the fruit is blast frozen for maximum freshness. Each packet is 150g of mixed frozen fruit with either juice, milk or water added to produce a 330ml smoothie. Our smoothie packs are transported to events frozen to ensure the highest quality smoothie each time someone blends their smoothie pack on our smoothie bikes. We also sell our smoothie packs online with delivery, please enquire here.

How to find us

We operate throughout the UK. In South Africa we operate Blendavenda smoothie bikes in The Western Cape, Gauteng and KZN. Email us at bookings@blendavenda.com or send through our contact form.