Meet the Blendavenda Team

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs (UK & SA)

Studied Industrial Design & Education at Nottingham University. With a passion for cycling, sustainability and an all round healthy lifestyle, he started Blendavenda 10 years ago in the UK and has been the ‘pedaling’ force behind the success of the company both in the UK and, more recently, in South Africa (based in Cape Town).
Jamie Litt

Jamie Litt (SA)

Having trained as a commercial lawyer and worked in the legal field in the UK, Jamie moved to South Africa several years ago. Equally passionate about cycling, he started his own business, Ubuntu Bikes, but frequently takes Blendavenda out into the field.
Rob Fothergill

Rob Fothergill (UK)

Rob is one of our longest serving Blendavenda operators, particularly adept at encouraging children to partake at schools healthy eating workshops. Rob operates all over the UK and has been to many large events in his time, such as helping to run Blendavenda each year in the high pressured environment of the Glastonbury Festival.
Katie Briggs

Katie Dijzel (SA)

Following her business degree in Berlin and Cambridge, Katie has spent her career in advertising, PR, copywriting and design. She works as an independent marketing consultant and part-time Blendavenda operator, also handling marketing and administration.