Blendavenda: The Nuts & Bolts

Wellness Days

Blendavenda smoothie bikes regularly attend Wellness days in the UK and South Africa. Blendavenda smoothie bikes are always a very popular stand at Wellness days providing a fun and engaging way to start conversations and Health and Wellbeing. Typically we will attend with our smoothie bikes and service counter. We encourage staff cycle 500m to blend their smoothie. Our staff will be on hand to give encouragement with the cycling and information of health and nutrition.


Blendavenda smoothie bikes have been a regular feature at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK and the Rocking the Daisies festival in South Africa.

Promotions & Branding

Branding Our Blendavenda smoothie bikes and service bar can be a very effective way to promote your brand. When in use at a conference, shopping mall, sports event or festival our smoothie bikes pull in a big crowd. The spinning wheel acts as a great focus for a logo and the spinning movements offer interesting design options for logo placement. Our service bar has a fabric complete wrap which gives a clean space for branding. We can also spray the bike frames any colour should you require. At Blendavenda smoothie bikes we pride ourselves on delivering a very professional finish and have a great printing supplier along with our attention to detail of the application of your branding.

Our bikes all come with computers measuring speed and distance, this allows for a number of "smoothi bike challenges" to take place at the activations. Other options for branding include, freezers, umbrellas and smoothie packs. In the example on this page you will see images from MMI Holdings and Momentum Health conference setup at the CTICC. The smoothie bikes where part of main stand and the feedback from the event was amazing, Blendavenda smoothie bikes really did make MMI Holdings stand out.

School Health Days

Hugely popular are our school and educational workshops. Blendavenda smoothie bikes provides a great focal point to a workshop and, after taking part in a discussion about the benefits of healthy eating and activity, the children always love the smoothie bikes and watching as they cycle up a smoothies.

Community Events

Over the years, Blendavenda has attended hundreds of community events, from small scale community events, to being involved in larger scale national events, such as the 2012 Olympic Games. It is in this environment that Blendavenda shines. The equipment appeals to a diverse range of people, young and old. It is in attending such events that we feel we can best project our message of being active as well as living a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment.

What we Supply

We supply the latest smoothie bikes all fitted with omniblend commercial blending jugs. We will supply fully trained and enthusiastic staff for your events. We will supply our Blendavenda smoothie packs to cover your event. We are available for bookings throughout the UK and in South Africa. Contact or send us a contact form.

Blendavenda Smoothie packs

Our Blendavenda smoothie bikes are a great way to encourage people to be active with the prize of a smoothie after their cycling. After all your hard work you want a great smoothie at the end of it, that is why we developed Blendavenda smoothie packs. Our 150g mixed frozen fruit sachets require the liquid of your choice adding to produce great smoothies each time. We use out Blendavenda smoothie packs at all our event and they are also available to buy online. Please email use if you wish to place and order at